"I worked with Lisa for about one year on a personal & relationship growth and development. My work with her helped me to develop my identity and self-confidence.  It really helped me create a plan for my life. When we started working together, I was in a long term relationship. We were young when we started dating so we had our on and off periods over the course of that time. We both worked with Lisa on our expectations for our relationship and it helped give us a platform to discuss what we would ideally wanted and helped us see how similar our goals and wants really were. Right after Lisa and I completed our work together, he proposed and we have now been married 7.5 years.  I believe the work with Lisa helped us establish a solid foundation for our marriage. We are both very grateful!" ~Tijen

Sometimes, ending an unhealthy relationship is the truest thing one can do to be happy, and you can do that with love and respect by communicating honestly and fairly. 

Whether working with couples or family members, I will help you focus on sincere communication and healthy boundaries. We can positively transform your relationships with a few simple choices that start with you.

Getting married?

Ask me about my Ready or Knot ​coaching program to set you up for a successful start to your life together. I am also certified to perform your wedding ceremony.

"Lisa is an awesome coach.  When I met her, I was unemployed and struggling to bring some stability into my life and my relationship while holding on to my creative aspirations. She's been my 'keel in the water' through tough transitions and has helped me become a stronger and happier person.  I now have a great career, am creatively active and I'm married to a wonderful gal with whom I share two beautiful kids." ~ Paul

"Keeping hold of yourself while merging with another takes a delicate balance, that's for certain. Mature women have already established their centers of gravity; but they want to be intimate and coupled up. Lisa helps you see your way through on the path to sensible and sensual coupledom!" ~Laurie

My relationship clients who are loving true . . .

"Lisa has been by my side as I worked through MANY toxic relationships and friendships, and navigated my way to the healthy, happy relationship I now have with my husband.  Lisa has been such an important part of my life that I knew without a doubt that she was the person I wanted to marry my husband and I, which she did in March 2014. Talk about going above and beyond, she worked with both of us together on what would be important in marriage beyond the wedding day, became ordained, flew to Chicago and performed the most amazing, personal ceremony I could ever imagine.  She is still always there for me…just a phone call away (which was always my favorite part because I never had to go out of my way to go to someone’s office to talk).  It’s hard to believe that I’ve come as far as I have and that in August 2015 my husband and I will be welcoming our first child.  Lisa has been with me every step of the way and has become so much more than a coach to me!!  I cannot thank her enough for all the guidance, laughs and love!!" ~Cheryl

"Lisa refused to let me stay feeling powerless or resentful. It just took way too much energy to hate my job or my life. So now I love my life, I'm in love with an amazing man (whom I never would have attracted before I started working with Lisa) and I feel closer to my friends and family than ever before. Lisa is like a best friend who really cares about me. But instead of colluding and agreeing with me, she is honest and straightforward. She challenges my negative beliefs and has amazingly helpful insights. We have a lot of laughs and we do a lot of good work together. I would advise you to call her today. DON'T DELAY!" ~Mardi

The only way to have a thriving relationship is to be accepting and honest with one another. In couples, families, and friendships, communication is at the heart of loving true.

In my experience working with individuals seeking love, we begin with developing a deep connection to themselves first, and as a result, they have attracted remarkable partners who value and respect them. In working with couples through their relationship expectations and issues, we have crafted dynamic agreements that honor both of them and foster healthy, committed partnerships. 

Lisa Dalton    coach. speaker. author.