Lisa Dalton    coach. speaker. author.

Whether you are moving out of a corporate career, growing your business, climbing the ladder where you are or writing your memoir, let's explore your path to creative self-expression and the passionate work you are here to do.

"What can I say that will make you realize how amazing Lisa is? With her guidance, I moved from being unhappily employed to being happily (and lucratively) self-employed. When I overwhelm myself she teaches me to let go of activities I don't truly enjoy so I have more energy for what I do enjoy. I'm learning how to be effective instead of merely busy.  And by the way, her marketing advice for my business is spot on." ~Business owner, Austin, TX

When it comes to working with entrepreneurs and artists, I have had the honor of helping to bring into the world the small businesses, inventions, books, healing practices and new career paths my passionate, committed clients were brave enough to begin. With existing business owners, we have grown their business in meaningful ways. 

If you have been rocked to the core by a job loss, or simply want a change, you truly can reinvent your career and do work that feels true to you. Have a book inside that is gnawing at you to be written? A class you have been yearning to take? Are you an empty-nester or retiree wanting to do something fun? Let's get started! 

"I was struggling financially and creatively, and my future was fuzzy and gloomy according to me. Today, thanks in huge part to Lisa's unwavering encouragement, support and golden guidance, I am actually rich! Rich literally as in set financially for life, rich in choices, and rich in relationships and experiences. If you're ready to start working on yourself today then hire Lisa, hire Lisa, hire Lisa!" ~Inventor & filmmaker, Door County, WI

"I can proudly say that as a result of this invaluable coaching experience, I now have a thriving business, doing what I love, and earning a steadily increasing income. Before I started with Lisa, I had some very limiting beliefs about myself, that had plagued me for much of my life.  I thought that I couldn't succeed in being an entrepreneur because I didn't have the self-discipline, focus or necessary grown-up responsibility consciousness needed to bring my skills to fruition.  I thought that I was destined to work for companies, making less than I was worth, continuing to limit my potential & talent.  Lisa was amazing.  She "got" me right away, and said that it would be easy and natural for me to market myself in a way that would be irresistible. Now my rate of closing the deal is around 98%! I hope many more people will receive coaching from Lisa.  She is so real, supportive, kind, guilt-reducing, wise and empowering, healing and helpful." ~Music therapist, Sarasota, FL

“Working with Lisa I have developed a vision of my future that I could not have dreamed of…she has empowered me to advance my career and identify where I have been stopped in the past. Working with her has been an extraordinary experience I would recommend to anyone seeking to move to the next level.” ~Insurance sales rep, Chicago, IL
"With grace, compassion, and insight Lisa was able to cut through the fog and help me to see my very real choices. She is a very sincere supporter as I step away from the "shoulds" and move toward possibility!  I'm creating the work that my heart was meant to do.  Periodically people in our lives say the perfect thing at the perfect time and it wakes us up. Because of Lisa's insight and  clarity, she has said these kinds of things and facilitated more "a-ha" moments than I can count. She has been a true blessing on my path!" ~ Published author, Cocoa Beach, FL
"I cannot say enough about the life changing impact to be had when working with Lisa Dalton. She understands business fundamentals and intricacies, she knows human nature, and she is a studied coach - what you get amounts to an ally for your best self. At work and in life. Lisa has helped to make me a better person - someone who is self reliant, generous, forgiving and excited about the coming years. I owe her a debt of gratitude."  ~Content Marketing business owner, Fort Collins, CO
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